TeemIp is available either as a standalone product or as an iTop extension. The first option provides you with:

  • a comprehensive CMDB that includes all iTop default’s CMDB modules as well as TeemIp own’s CIs,
  • the TeemIp core IP management modules,
  • the IP Discovery extension that works in conjonction with IP Discovery applications,
  • TeemIp’s ticketing dedicated to IP and subnet management,
  • TeemIp’s zone management extension.

The second option enriches an already installed iTop product with TeemIp core IP management modules. It does not include other TeemIp extensions but these can be installed separately, like any other iTop extension.

If your iTop is already connected to iTop Hub, you may directly dowload TeemIp core modules and some related extensions through the hub standard download mechanisms.

Features provided by these 2 options are fully documented in TeemIp’s dedicated wiki.


Next to the core product, a set of extensions is available for download on the wiki, under the TeemIp Extensions chapter.