TeemIp is an Open Source project hosted by SourceForge. Should you need assistance, the TeemIp community will be your first point of contact through the SourceForge Discussion channels and Ticketing tool.

Overtime, your TeemIp solution may become key or even critical to your IT environment. For that reason, you may wish to protect your company against potential defects and have a dedicated channel to get help and assistance. Should that be your case, we’d advise you to purchase Professional Services to a company that does support TeemIp solutions. There a two companies that we recommand:


Located in Grenoble, France, Combodo is the company that edits iTop solution: a complete open source, ITIL, web based service management tool. iTop software is the framework that TeemIp standalone relies on and the product on top of which TeemIp as a module can be installed. Combodo offers a full set of services around iTop and TeemIp that you can discover here.


Located in Kehl, Germany, Itomig provides services around its enhanced, Serview certified, iTop Professional Plus solution, mainly in Geman speaking countries. You can discover their service catalog here.