TeemIp provides a large set of features, all dedicated to the world of IP Address, DNS, DHCP and Network Management. Most of them are by default embedded in the stand-alone version of the product. TeemIp as a module that you’ll install on your iTop solution just contains the core features but all others ones can be individually added to it like any iTop extension.

Core extensions present in both stand-alone and iTop module versions

Extensions of stand-alone version that can be added to the TeemIp module

  • MAC Address Lookup
    • Lookup information on MAC addresses.
  • Network Management Extended
    • Provides advanced classes for network management
  • IP Discovery
    • Discover the active IPs of your environment and automatically register them in TeemIp.
  • IP Ticketing
    • Control IP and subnet creations, modifications or deletions through automated workflows.
  • User Portal
    • Provide to your end users an easy to use web interface to simply manage their IP requests.
  • DNS Zone management
    • Handle DNS zones, views and DNS records in relation with IP and the CMDB objects.
  • DHCP Management
    • Document your DHCP options.